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Program Relaunch

Affinity Partner Inc. will leverage the extensive knowledge of the airline frequent flyer business to develop an executable relaunch strategy for your loyalty program. We will manage these projects according to our proven methods for strategy development and implementation planning. After thoroughly assessing the existing program and market, we will identify opportunities for innovation and market disruption. We will prioritize potential strategic initiatives through the use of rigorous business case analysis. Based on our findings, we will develop a strategic plan in collaboration with your project team and employees.

Determine the State of your Loyalty Program

The first phase of the project is called ‘determine the state of your Loyalty Program' and is focused on gathering and distilling the appropriate information regarding customers, competition and the your bonus program to assess the current situation and build a knowledge base necessary for the decisions on your new loyalty program.

Develop the Relaunch Strategy

Affinity Partner Inc. will create hypothesis for innovation and disruption. In other words, we will look at the big picture and propose alternative scenarios to the existing frequent flyer program. The team will document strategic initiatives that appear to have promise for adding significant value to your loyalty program. These strategic initiatives will be further “tested” during “Proof of Concept” activities to ensure that they are reasonably feasible prior to in-depth business case analysis.

Develop Business Case

Once consensus has been reached on final candidate strategic initiatives, each will be evaluated for their expected financial and/or competitive benefit to your company. Affinity Partner will utilize a variety of techniques to objectively evaluate each initiative to determine feasibility for execution.

Based on our overall experience, we have an approach that has proved successful at a variety of large, complex clients. This approach carefully balances the need to ‘get to the right answers' quickly and cost effectively, with the need to ‘define the desired bonus program'.

Our approach to the project is based on two decades of direct experience developing, launching, enhancing, managing, and relaunching Lufthansa Miles & More, American Airlines AAdvantage and actually negotiating over 75 frequent flyer program partner agreements. Members of our team have individually managed the launch of the STAR Alliance and the launch of the one world Alliance working directly with more than 20 frequent flyer programs. As consultants we have developed many industry first loyalty programs such as ‘'.


We will aggressively employ our experience to work closely with you, ask the right questions, and deliver value to you in a highly accelerated manner. We will work with you in an iterative manner to quickly adjust our approach, if necessary, to ensure we are taking you in the direction you desire.


We will present you with the customer analysis, competition study, and program assessment of your loyalty program in week five of the project.


By week eight, we will present you with the prioritized ideas for the relaunch of your loyalty program to estimate benefits, apply additional evaluation criteria and to present you with the final concept after 10 weeks of the project. The next logical step will be the design of an implementation roadmap. We will prepare a detailed roadmap, including critical success factors and implications on current organization structure, processes, and technology. We will develop a risk mitigation plan, e.g. to not lose leisure travelers, and we would develop a communication work.


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